The Chemical Engineering Awards provide a showcase for outstanding achievement in the field of Chemical Engineering. IChemE, The Engineers Australia Chemical College, Engineering New Zealand and The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), in partnership with corporate sponsors, have instituted these awards to encourage and recognise excellence and to highlight the contribution made to the community by Australian and New Zealand Chemical Engineers.

The Awards of Excellence will be presented on Tuesday 1 October at the Chemeca 2019 conference dinner.

Awards of excellence

Chemeca Medal

This is the most prestigious award in the chemical engineering profession in New Zealand and Australia. It is awarded to a prominent New Zealand or Australian Chemical Engineer who has made an outstanding contribution, through achievement or service, to the practice of Chemical Engineering in its widest sense and who continues to serve the profession. The recipient of the Award is invited to present a plenary lecture at the annual Chemeca conference.

The University of Sydney Chemical Engineering Research Excellence Award (AUD$5,000 and certificate)

This award recognises significant ongoing contributions to chemical engineering research through innovation, related publications or high impact commercial outcomes.

ExxonMobil Award (AUD$5,000 and certificate)

This award recognizes the application of ingenuity and technical knowledge in developing practical solutions to problems or opportunities. The candidate must be a member of IChemE, Engineers Australia, Engineering New Zealand or RACI.

Fonterra Award (AUD$5,000 and certificate)

Recognises outstanding contributions in the industrial application of novel technology in the bioprocessing field from a chemical engineer in New Zealand or Australia. Achievements may be in a technical or management field. The candidate must be a member of IChemE, Engineers Australia, Engineering New Zealand or RACI.

Caltex Award (AUD$5,000 and certificate)

Recognising outstanding achievements in the teaching of chemical engineering. The candidate must be a member of IChemE, Engineers Australia, Engineering New Zealand or RACI.

IChemE Safety Centre Award (Certificate)

Recognises an organisation that has an exemplary record in implementing process safety best practice and improvements to reduce major hazards and risks. Entries may include a structured programme – such as HAZOP, PHR, PSM – or technology to minimise risk in operating practices and human factors. The winner of this Award can qualify as a finalist for the IChemE Global Process Safety Award.

Other awards

Prize for the best student paper (AUD$2,000)

Fell Consulting Pty Ltd provide funds for the 'Chemeca 2019 Prize for the best paper by a student'. The gaining of this prize is an important first step in a graduate's career.

IChemE Australasian Design Prize (AUD$5,000)

The Australasian Design Prize recognises the outstanding Final Year Design Project from New Zealand and Australian University Chemical Engineering Departments.

R.K. Murphy Medal (RACI)

The R.K. Murphy medal is the most prestigious award presented by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Industrial Chemistry Division for outstanding achievements in chemical engineering, process chemistry or related areas in the chemical industry.

John A Brodie Medal

The John A Brodie Medal is awarded by The Chemical College Board of Engineers Australia for the best paper in the discipline of chemical engineering presented at the Chemeca Conference.