29 September – 2 October 2019, Sydney, Australia

The 48th Chemeca will be held in Sydney NSW, Australia from 29 September – 2 October. Located on Australia’s east coast, the metropolis surrounds Port Jackson and sprawls about 70 kilometers on its periphery towards the picturesque Blue Mountains. Sydney is renowned for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, Chemeca brings together chemical engineers from Australia, New Zealand and other countries who will gather to share their insights and innovations relevant to chemical engineers across the wide range of industries we work in.


The theme for 2019 is Engineering Megatrends and the Elements. The traditional chemical engineering paradigms, upon which most existing chemical engineering programs and approaches are based, have been unit operations, transport phenomena, and process control. These have enabled industry, research, and education in chemical engineering to provide the kind of resources, materials and technologies that have become the ubiquitous underpinning of our everyday lives around the world – so much so that we often take them for granted. As the fourth industrial revolution progresses, what will be the next chemical engineering paradigm? How will the significant challenges facing the world today, the emerging megatrends in engineering and our roots as a discipline in manipulating and combining the fundamental chemical elements drive the development of the next chemical engineering paradigm?


Our focus for Chemeca 2019 is therefore on encouraging papers that explore the emerging opportunities and challenges for the chemical engineering profession and process industries throughout our region around this theme. Our plenary, keynote and other invited speakers have been specially selected to challenge our thinking and bring a global perspective to this discussion.


Chemeca is the opportunity for the chemical engineering profession and associated disciplines to come together as a community to network and learn from each other.  It provides a platform for cross-pollination across a wide range of industries, facilitating innovation. Industry and academia will come together to discuss and debate the latest advances and best practices to face the challenges of the 21st century in the Australasian region, specifically in energy, food and nutrition, health and wellbeing, minerals and resources, and, water and waste. The conference will cover the dimensions of sustainability, environmental science and technology, process safety and hazard management, process systems and modelling, education, and, industry best practice and innovation.


We invite you to join us in picturesque Sydney, the Harbour City, in September 2019 and meet with colleagues from Australasia and around the world. It promises to be an exciting forum in an exciting location, to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights.

Professor Dianne Wiley, FIChemE
Conference Chair

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